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Choco-Makhana for Jihva for Chocolate

Posted by vivnidhi on January 4, 2008



I was determined that I will not participate in jihva this time around. No more indulging in sweets….and that too just because I want to blog about it. Yes, I can’t come up with a recipe with chocolate that does not have sugar in it. But blogging is too tempting……..wonder what the motivation is …….No, my idea is not to impress and wow. I just want to participate. It just tingles the creative nerve and forces me to think out of the box. That’s where all the satisfaction comes from. So, here I am, finally with a recipe for Jihva for Chocolate hosted by Deepz. Jihva for ingredients was started by Indira of Mahanandi fame and since I am a big fan of hers, that is another reason to participate;).

Makhanas are a big favorite of mine. Specially since my Mother in Law brought some really huge, puffed up ones from India. You can get them in Indian grocery stores here in the US but the ones from India are really bigger and without blemish. Makhana/Phool Makhana /(Euryale ferox)/Gordon nut is relished in Bihar and also in Uttar Pradesh. I always remember my Mother getting these packed from her mother’s place to enjoy year round. Some really informative sites on makhanas is nifindia.org and makhanawet.com. After reading these, did I realize what a difficult job it is to get makhanas on our plate and so the high price is justified.



So, let me tell you of  this heavenly choco-makhana recipe I came up with which needs 2-3 basic ingredients and 10 minutes maximum to make. My favorite baking chocolate is Ghiradelli semisweet chocolate baking bar. It really is smooth and rich. If one really is indulging, ghiradelli is quite a favorite. Please do not use chocolate morsels for this as they do melt well because of lesser fat content.

The Recipe:

  • Makhana 1 cup
  • Baking Chocolate 1 oz.
  • Golden raisins 1/4 cup

Makhanas need to be made crisp. The traditional method is to fry it in pure ghee or stir fry in a little ghee. I have found that microwaving it makes it quite crisp without any added fat. I like to microwave it 1 minute at a time and then check. Wouldn’t want them burnt in any way. These choco-makhanas would taste good only if the makhanas are quite crisp.

Spread a parchment paper sheet or even aluminum foil works fine for this on a baking sheet.

Melt the chocolate squares in a microwave proof bowl. I do it 30 seconds at a time and then stir cause it melts quite quickly.  That’s it, we are done:). Add the makhanas to the melted chocolate, mix well and spread on the prepared baking sheet. Try to separate the makhanas after they get coated well with the chocolate. I like to clean the melted chocolate with raisins and spread it as well in the plate. Leave them for an hour or so and then choco-makhanas can be scraped off and filled in an airtight container. This way, these should stay crisp for at least a week. Makes a great gift as well. The picture does not do justice but the taste is superb!


Enjoy: Choco-Makhana


6 Responses to “Choco-Makhana for Jihva for Chocolate”

  1. Indira said

    What a wonderful way to enjoy Makhanas!

    Thank you Vivindhi for this new recipe, and also for the links on Makhanas. I had no idea the amount of hard work that goes into the production of Makhanas. Eye opening, they definitely deserve our respect.

  2. vivnidhi said

    Thank You for visiting Indira. Means a lot. I wanted to email you, please let me know if it is ok.
    Thanks again,

  3. Pelicano said

    Vivnidhi, I enjoyed reading the pages you linked to: what a fascinating plant this comes from, but yes quite tedious labour- almost as precious as saffron. To pair these with chocolate- also a tedious product with much hand-labour- makes this extra special! I’ve used Ghiradelli chocolate many times, in fact I used it for my own Jihva entry, but I’ve been trying to use “fair-trade” chocolate now which supports better labour standards and makes sure the growers get paid better (hopefully something similar will be introduced with makhana!). Great post- you taught me something new! Thanks. 🙂

  4. vivnidhi said

    You are right about the amount of effort that goes in making of makhana. I had heard it was difficult but this was indeed eye-opening.I am glad you saw those pages. Well! I believe that if people stop being ignorant about the unfair practices, and are made aware, some change can certainly be brought about.

  5. Roopali said


    It was great to find a website that talks about makhanas which are my passion (and now my kids’ too). I was wondering if anyone knows the nutritional values for a cup of makhanas? And if no one minds my asking, what’s Jihva? A festival of some kind? Thanks Roopali

    Hey Thanks Roopali, Great question about the nutritional value for a cup of makhanas but I don’t know:(. Jihva is a festival of sorts:)……….it is a blog event http://www.nandyala.org/mahanandi/jihv-for-ingredients-jfi/ started by Indira. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Pawan said

    Hi, Nidhi i like your blog and your efforts you took to make a new kind of chocolate with makhana do you know its english name?……………..its name is Euryale ferox.

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