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Rainy Day Pyaaz ki Sabji……for Jihva for Ingredients……Onions

Posted by vivnidhi on February 1, 2008


Finally made it to writing another post. Just in time for Jihva for Ingredients hosted by radhiskitchen AND talking about rainy days in the middle of winter!

Goes way back to my childhood days when frozen vegetables were completely unheard of. Buying fresh vegetables from a sabjiwala/sabjiwali was the norm in India. Those days a household could be out of vegetables after a heavy rain or just because all the sabjiwala gang was out watching an Amitabh Bachchan  movie the previous night. That was indeed a rainy day!!

Ok, so no fresh vegetables at home, so? Mom had to think of something quick. I distinctly remember this happening to my mother and she prepared a delightful dry sabji from just small onions. This is a quick delicious recipe and I am so glad that I could reproduce it as my mother had made. My parents have tried my version here and since they found it good too, I am quite confident that it will be liked by people who try this one with such few ingredients.

The Recipe: (For 3 people, 1 serving)

  • Oil 2 tsp.
  • Shallots/small onions are preferable  10-12 peeled and halved
  • Ginger 1″ piece minced or grated
  • Tomato 1/2 chopped fine or 2 Tbsp. Tomato paste
  • Yogurt 1 Tbsp.
  • Turmeric 2 tsp.
  • Cumin seeds 2 tsp.
  • Red chilli powder 1 tsp.
  • Coriander( Dhaniya) powder 1 Tbsp.
  • Garam Masala 2 tsp.
  • Amchur( Dry Mango)  Powder 1 tsp.
  • salt  to taste

The list looks big but this one is really quick.




Shallots all cleaned up and ready to be dressed with ginger and masalas

Heat the oil in a wok or pan.  Add the shallots and saute them on medium heat till they start to change color to light pink.  Take the shallots out of the pan. Add all the other ingredients other than the amchur powder and fry them in  the residual oil of the pan. When the masalas start to dry a little, add the shallots. Reduce the flame to low medium and cover the pan.  Add a Tbsp. of water if the sabji seems too dry. When the shallots have become tender, add amchur powder. The sabji is ready!

This is really a delightful, easy and spicy curry. It requires a curry with gravy or daal to accompany it. Tastes great with Paranthas, rotis or rice.


Delicious Lunch: Rotis, Pyaaz ki sabji and Daal

Mentioned in IndiWo which is a highly addicting e-magazine.


7 Responses to “Rainy Day Pyaaz ki Sabji……for Jihva for Ingredients……Onions”

  1. indosungod said

    looks delicious, yes when the onion is the star it never fails to impress. I will try this with small pearl onions.

    Yes Indosungod, onion indeed makes most things taste better than they would, on their own. Do try the recipe and let me know how it tasted. Thanks for visiting!

  2. vimmi said

    U know my mom makes bhajjiyas with these masalas. She stuff all powders in onions, dips in besan and deep fries. This reminded me of that. looks great.

    Hey Vimmi, That seems like a great idea too. Maybe these masalas can be stuffed in the onion and then sauted to make it low fat. Thanks for visiting:).

  3. Srivalli said

    Hey that looks so lovely…onions are so wonderful to have..thanks for the recipe!
    Try it Srivalli and let me knoiw how you found it

  4. sagari said

    love your onion curry
    Thank You Sagari

  5. Jack said

    Finally got a chance to explore your blog. I love it! keep it up! I definitely have some things to learn on indian food. (I just did an blog entry about a indian bento perhaps a you can give me a few tips 🙂 ) I’m going to have to try some of you recipes. Thanks so much for sharing!


    I am glad you visited Jack. Your blog is just wonderful! Let me know if you try something from my blog. And yes, I even liked your post about Indian bento:)

  6. Jay said

    my mom makes that at home, but when is the yogurt used in your recipie


    Hi Jay, after you have sauted the onions,remove the onions and add all the ingredients listed which includes yogurt. The idea is to pan fry the yogurt along with the masalas. Just don’t add dry mango powder as it does not let the vegetables cook properly. Add the dry mango powder in the end. Let me know how it turned out if you try it.

  7. Meena said

    Hey, that’s a very quick and tasy side dish. Happened to come accross your blog a couple of days ago. Good to know you find time to blog, along with kids who keep you on your feet 24×7 🙂

    quick question, ever tried making this whith reqular onions ?? Was wondering if i could use reqular onions and cut them a little bigger like the size of shallots???

    Hi Meena, Sorry it took me an awfully long time to reply back. See, this is what happens when you have kids. The priorities are different:) Thank you for empathizing with me:)).
    You know, I have never tried with regular onions. I have used shallots and pearl onions. My guess would be that the onions would open up as you cook, if you just cut them up. I don’t think it’s going to taste bad 😉 , so give it a try and let me know:)

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