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Finally, my turn to announce the arrival of spring

Posted by vivnidhi on April 22, 2008


The same tree laden with snow a few months back is now bursting with leaves


Freshest Green

Most of the people reading this post must have already noticed the arrival of spring this year. I have taken this long to write in my post:). Actually, spring came early to my home. Our daughter was born in February completing our family. My son is quite excited and pleased with his baby sister but both of them do end up competing for my attention. I am looking forward to some excellent years ahead filled with love AND sibling rivalry. Hopefully, the sibling rivalry part will remain at its minimum. I have never experienced that personally (not that I missed it at all being an only child) so it will be a new experience for me too……

My parents were here to help me during my delivery. It was great being able to spend some time with my parents again. That just got me thinking……………that my time with my folks is such a sweet, distant memory today. I am glad I could spend quality time with my parents as I was growing up. I would not trade that time for any amount of money or luxury. 15-16 years sounds like a long time but with kids growing up, I am sure, time will just fly. THAT sometimes, makes it all worthwhile for me to stay at home. No, I am not advocating staying at home with kids. There is no one correct answer to the debate that should women stay at home to take care of children. All I am trying to say is that being able to stay at home with the children makes ME personally feel more secure and proactive about their growing up. So, all the above will also serve as an excuse for me not writing in the blog for so long! Even I like visiting blogs which are more regular with their posts and keep coming up with new stuff. But, my kids these past months, really left me with hardly any time for anything else. I am sure, with my daughter, nearly 3 months old now, I will be able to sneak in time for my new posts:)

Well! this has been a long one……thanks for reading it:).


6 Responses to “Finally, my turn to announce the arrival of spring”

  1. Siri said

    Wow, many many Congratulations for the baby girl Nidhi. and Happy Spring Fling!!!


  2. Arundathi said

    Congratulations! Having had 2 siblings, let me tell you, its so much fun growing up with a sibling. And you only get closer when you are older. So I’m sure your kids, however much there is rivalry, will be happy to have each other – if only to complain about the parents! lol! 😉

    Hope to see more posts from you…

  3. Cinnamon said

    Congrats on the new addition to ur family, a lovely angel 🙂
    And as far as sibling rivalry is concerned it will be fun even for them, and will get reduced as they grow up 🙂
    Hope to see more of u in the blogosphere!!

  4. vivnidhi said

    Thank you Siri, Arundathi and Cinnamon. Really glad to read your comments!

  5. Rahul K said


  6. ‘Charche Chauke Ke’… this name confused me . I thought this is do with the IPL Legue criket matches which are going on in India and there is going to final played out in Mumbai today. What you have here is mouth watering in any case. Those who have interest in Indian stock market , are invited to visit http://www.krsnakhandelwal.wordpress.com.

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