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Daal ka Dulha

Posted by vivnidhi on April 23, 2008

Hi, Not that I have started looking for a dulha or groom for my daughter already. Daal ka dulha is the name of a favorite recipe of mine. After eating 3-4 types of pasta that I had been making for my mother, Mummy (with a smile) asked me if I had made daal ka dulha in the recent past? I had completely forgotten about daal ka dulha these years.

I mentioned pasta cause daal ka dulha comes closest to pasta in North Indian cuisine (of course leaving vermicelli aside). This recipe can also be called a very crude form of Daal bati……….but crude really:)).


Daal ka Dulha


Initial tempering:

  • Oil 1/2 tsp
  • cumin seeds 1/2 tsp.
  • turmeric powder 1 tsp

For Daal:

  • Toor Daal 2 cups
  • Water 6 cups
  • sugar 1 tsp
  • salt to taste

For Dulha:(This is the ratio for making roti dough.About 1/10th is used to make the dulhas in the daal given)

  • Whole wheat flour 4 cups
  • water 1 3/4 cups
  • salt (optional)

Final tempering:

  • Oil (preferably ghee) 2 Tbsp
  • asafoetida 1 tsp
  • cumin seeds 1 Tbsp
  • red chilli powder 2 tsp

Ok, this is a quick, simple one. Begin by making plain simple toor daal as detailed in my everyday daal post Arhar daal.  That is : add the initial tempering, add daal ingredients and give two whistles in a pressure cooker.

Make the whole wheat dough (which is basically roti dough). The directions for making the dough is detailed  in  Beginning with the staple: The ROTI . The important part of this recipe is making the dulha. Take a small ball in the and thin it it out with fingers. One could use a rolling pin, but traditionally hands were used to flatten the dough ball. Once you have made it quite thin. Apply a dropful of ghee or oil in the center of the flattened disc. Bring  four ends of the disc together and pinch making a flower like shape.  The shape is very important as it allows the daal to seep in and soften the dulha. 6 to 8 dulhas can be made per person.


When the cooker is safe to be opened, open the cooker cover. Add the dulhas  while the daal in the cooker is hot, otherwise the dulhas don’t soften properly. Close the pressure cooker and give two more whistles. When the pressure cooker is cool enough to be opened, add the final tempering. The plain daal also tastes more delicious than usual. One could try adding this in everyday daal to see if they like the taste of it before making a complete meal only of daal ka dulha.

And daal ka dulha is ready to be served. A drop of ghee in individual servings adds a lot of taste. Anybody fond of pasta should like this, though this is quite an old simple recipe concocted when women of the house would be in a hurry. There are other varieties of dulhas like stuffed about which I will post soon. This is the simplest form. This is also my entry in Lights Out, Knives Out event  hosted by Celine Asril. This is a great earth hour event in which no electricity is used in cooking. Well! in this recipe, no electricity is used (apart from using an electric stove) nor are any knives used:)

100_1458 .

Daal ka Dulha with pickle………..fabulous afternoon meal


13 Responses to “Daal ka Dulha”

  1. sagari said

    never heard of this one ,looks delecious

    Thanks, Sagari, means a lot when you say it!

  2. vivnidhi said

    Unfortunately, a few comments got deleted by me by mistake. I am feeling terrible that I was appreciated and I could not keep it. I am really sorry to the people who commented cause I lost their links well. Do visit again.

  3. Madhavi said

    Never heard abt this dal, looks good….

    Plz do visit @

    Thanks Madhavi, I liked your blog a lot and will be trying one of the curries soon.

  4. sridevi said

    wow nidhi name sounds interesting even ur recipe looks awesome must try and taste recipe thanx for this unknown recipe.Oh what to say thanx once again
    Thanks Sridevi

  5. Arundathi said

    havent heard of this. sounds interesting.
    Thanks for visiting Arundhati, try it!!

  6. sushma said

    Never heard of it nice one..


  7. celine said

    a North indian “pasta” – this is also new to me but it totally makes sense! thanks for submitting it to LOKO Nidhi
    Thank you Celine

  8. TBC said

    I love the name! 🙂
    Thanks TBC

  9. […] Daal ka Dulha […]

  10. Nidhi,

    I am your neighbour from Southfield Michigan.
    Never heard of “Dal Ka Dulha” before.
    Looks more like Gujarati Dal Dhokli”
    I would try this out and post my feedback.


  11. Seema said

    It is so tasty recipe and I like it very much.Thanks Nidhi

  12. riya said

    we north indians been enjoying it since ages.
    nice seeing the lovely pics & recipe on this post.india has a lot many such dishes to offer to the entire world.there are so many dishes that even indians don’t know about like dubka, phara,dalbhari,rikawach,thapli,thekua,pitha& i am only talking about up/bihar dishes. add complete states of india & u know what i mean.infinite no. of dishes.kudos to u
    all d best, keep posting

  13. himanshu said

    i forgot about this dish but today i feel proud that i have remind it by cooking it.

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