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My Entry for "CLICK" Beans ‘n Lentils

Posted by vivnidhi on May 27, 2008

I accept  I am quite nervous in sending my entry to CLICK , my favorite food photography event.  I am a novice at photography and am completely in awe of the photographs taken by some fellow bloggers. BUT I have always wanted to participate in Click. AND sooooooooo……., this time round I decided I will. I liked this picture of Garbanzo beans that I took. I hesitated a lot, bugged hubby dear too ………should I , should I not, and finally decided to SEND IT ALONG. Not winning but participating is the objective, right ?

Oh yes, I admit I opened my photo editor to improve my picture but I did not. I think I like it the way it is.

I also thought about why…… am I sending in this picture. Actually:) , nothing much except the fact that I liked the way it looks overall. Reminded me of a neighbor of mine who would always lovingly offer me food , even if I had had lunch just before I met her:).” Arre le le……….ek to le” (Oh! take it, take one at least) :)).

So here is Auntyji dishing out these plump boiled melt in mouths………. and asking you to pick one up right away:))




10 Responses to “My Entry for "CLICK" Beans ‘n Lentils”

  1. bee said

    thanks for your entry, dear nidhi. they do look melt-in-your-mouth.

  2. notyet100 said

    looks good,..for sure,..don worry,.

  3. sia said

    nidhi, thats really one lovely click. lovely memories attched to this pic makes it more wonderful 🙂

  4. lele chole… looks good.. nice click …

  5. Asha said

    Great close up photo!:))

  6. ranji said

    lovely click…

  7. sangeeth said

    lovely pic for the event

  8. vivnidhi said

    Thank You Bee,Sia, Swati Raman, Asha, Ranji and Sangeeth for your kind words. I am glad you liked the photograph ( I am not the only one now;)).

  9. neha said

    nice click..
    Thanks Neha

  10. Aparna said

    This is a nice picture. And one always improves with practise. Its good that you sent it in.
    I have a dream of taking real good pictures and I’m chasing it! I’m just discovering the way my point and shoot works and haven’t too much of a clue about other photo related stuff.:)
    Thanks for your kind words Aparna

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