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Where’s the Roti?

Posted by vivnidhi on June 17, 2008


Fresh Rotis pampered with a little ghee

I know that there is a “Roti Mela” going on at Srivalli’s Cooking 4 all seasons. There are some fabulous stuffed paranthas , pooris and all sorts of exotic rotis on their way there to be displayed.  But where is our humble, simple, everyday roti? That thought led me to repost my first post ever. It talks of the basic North Indian phulka that is made in our households everyday. The post is quite detailed with instructions on how to make it on an electric coil.

So , here is the link to the post……Beginning with the staple : the Roti. Srivalli, please accept my second entry to your fabulous event.

8 Responses to “Where’s the Roti?”

  1. vanamala said

    Looks super …very soft roti’s
    Thank you Vanamala

  2. Priya said

    Looks very soft and feels like its going to melt in the mouth.

  3. Trupti said

    Roti looks very soft..thank god you remember the basic roti to post 🙂

  4. Priti said

    Ahh Y’day while making roti for dinner I had the same thought, no one posted normal phulkas for the event..I thought I”ll do that..And here you go….great job done

  5. Srivalli said

    nindi…that looks fab..thanks for the basic roti..yours look really so soft!
    Thanks Srivalli, I don’t like to post again but thought this one needs a second look:). I am glad you accepted a re-post.

  6. vivnidhi said

    Thanks Priya, Trupti and Priti, The post is quite detailed with instructions on how to make on an electric coil. Thanks for visiting and the kind words:).

  7. skribles said

    really nice step-by-step instructions to help even novices make rotis/phulkas! Nice of u to send the Roti to the mela .. me too was thinkin of posting an entry for the basic roti to the Roti mela … Well done! 🙂
    Thanks Skribles!

  8. Veda said

    Hi first time to ur blog…..good one i must say!!!!lovely looking rotis
    Thank you Veda!

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