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Tried and Tasted : Ambe dal & Rainbow chard Mushroom Sandwich

Posted by vivnidhi on June 26, 2008

I like  Nupur’s One Hot Stove. She has a very nice blog with again very nice recipes AND nice knitting and crochet work. I conclude, its nice:).

Zlamushka is showcasing Nupur’s work this month in  “Tried and Tasted”  and I have to give credit to Nupur as well from what I have learnt from her. I have made:

1. Ambe dal (Recipe in the link)

Nupur says “In the summer months, when the sweltering heat overpowers the afternoons, people are not often in the mood for hot tea. Panha, the mango drink that I wrote about in the A-Z of Marathi food, is often served in place of tea at afternoon events during these months. The traditional snack that accompanies the panha is this ambe dal. A cool, spicy, tart relish, ambe dal provides a great counterpoint to the sweet panha. Dal-Panha events are something to look forward to!”

I made it in the month of April , here in Michigan, we still had our heaters on and there was obviously no Panha. I ate Ambe Dal as a snack and it pairs fabulously with paranthas. One does not need anything else. This recipe is definitely a keeper. Unfortunately I do not have a picture.

2. Rainbow Chard Mushroom Sandwiches (Recipe in the link)

I made this sandwich when I was in the mood for a sandwich and I had to finish up my red chard:). So, I used red chard instead of rainbow and normal button mushrooms instead of cremini and dried basil instead of fresh. Yet the sandwich tasted very good.

As Nupur puts it ” The verdict: This simple sandwich made for a memorable lunch on a hot and sunny day. The mushrooms and greens are a terrific combination. The whole sandwich comes together very well, and tastes like something you would eat at a nice bistro.” No better way to say it.

Thank you Nupur!


3 Responses to “Tried and Tasted : Ambe dal & Rainbow chard Mushroom Sandwich”

  1. Kalva said

    Wow Kudos to Nupur.. Yes its lovely blog indeed!!
    In complete agreement with you!!

  2. Nupur said

    Thanks for trying these two recipes, Nidhi! The first is an old favorite and the second is a new favorite; I am so glad you got a chance to make these in your own kitchen 🙂
    THANK you Nupur:))

  3. Zlamushka said

    Hi there,
    Thank you very much for your entry. I will surely include you in the round-up. Just a little tiny thing- the second link goes to Jihva For Mango, just like the first one, so no one has a chance to see the sandwich recipe.
    Thank You very much Zlamushka ! I have corrected the mistake.

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