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Marbled Tea Eggs

Posted by vivnidhi on July 27, 2008


Stained by Addiction: Marbled Tea Eggs

I am a big fan of Martin Yan, the celebrated chef of Chinese cuisine with his famous Yan Can Cook show on television. He taught me how to mince garlic and ginger in seconds. Anybody who visits me gets a performance by me:) . Yeah, yeah, I know I like to show off…….:). I used to love his show and I watched him so much that I actually learnt from him…..now that says a lot. A few days back I came across his book : Martin Yan Quick & Easy at the library. This book is a companion volume to his public television series. I couldn’t help but bring it home.

One recipe that I tried and liked a lot was marbled tea eggs. I had heard of tea eggs from my husband when he had an authentic Chinese meal at a friend’s place so I wanted to try it too.

In Taiwan, tea eggs are a fixture of convenience stores. Through 7-Eleven chains alone, an average of 40 million tea eggs are sold per year………….source Wikipedia

The best thing is that these hard boiled eggs keep well in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week. It was great for breakfast when we were out of home. These are interesting addition to a salad or soup too or just as a snack.

Here’s the recipe adapted from Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy:

  • Eggs 4
  • Spring Onion coarsely chopped
  • Ginger 1″ piece. minced
  • Soya sauce 1/4 cup
  • Regular Black Tea 2 bags
  • Dark brown sugar 1 Tbsp.
  • Ground cinnamon a pinch
  • Ground star anise a pinch
  • Ground cloves a pinch
  • Ground fennel a pinch
  • Pepper a pinch
  • Cinnamon Stick 1

Chinese five spice powder can be used in the recipe instead of the ground spices if available. It can be purchased ready made from an Chinese grocery store. Since I did not have it, I used the ground spices.

Place the eggs with cold water in a saucepan. Cover and bring to simmer over medium heat. Simmer uncovered for 10 minutes.

Drain the eggs and rinse them with cold water. When cool enough to handle, gently tap each egg all over with a spoon until hairline cracks cover the entire shell.

Return the eggs to the pan. Add all the rest of the ingredients and some water to cover the eggs completely. Place over low heat, cover and simmer for at least 15 minutes or for up to 1 hour for a more intense color. I like to simmer only for 30 minutes, otherwise the eggs tend to get too tough for my taste.

Remove from heat, let eggs cool in the liquid and then refrigerate, still in the liquid, at least overnight or for up to a week.

Peel them just before eating. I like them best with some mayonnaise mixed with soya sauce and balsamic vinegar. Another interesting recipe for tea eggs is here.


All Cracked Up for CLICK…photography event hosted by Jugalbandi

These marbled eggs are also on their way to Happy Love Strawberry’s 18th Birthday Party and the theme is Welcome to Wonderland. Have fun, everyone!!


16 Responses to “Marbled Tea Eggs”

  1. notyet100 said

    hve seen tea eggs being sold here,..thnks for the recipe..nd ya great click
    Thank you Priyanka, Like your everyday post via Taste of India:)

  2. Rashmi said

    I have these in a great chinese book,but never thought that they will turn out like the book’s pictures, this post makes me feel brave enough to give them as shot as yours look as lovely as the cookbook’s.


    Hey Rashmi, I am glad you liked the snaps. I am sure, if you try these, they will come out better looking. Pretty easy to make. Do be brave:))

  3. TBC said

    How beautiful! I never have been patient enough to read through and understand how the eggs got that look.:D I too like M. Yan.

    I am such a fan of Martin Yan:) These eggs are fun to make and taste great. Do try them.

  4. Pragyan said

    Wow! Had never heard of these before..thanks, dear! This is so cool! How does it taste? Will be interesting to make it for kids..am sure they will be amazed at this new type of egg 🙂

    Tastes great Pragyan! Kids find it cool:). Thanks for visiting!

  5. Siri said

    Wowy, being a ardent egg lover, its a treat for me..:) I never heard of Martin Yan before…gotta check out now..:) Thanks for such a lovely post!


    Hi Siri, these eggs are fun! Do try them!!

  6. rachel said

    Great post!
    Thank you Rachel !

  7. Jacque said

    I’ve never heard of these… they look so interesting. I think I need to try these. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I see you’re a civil engineer… I’m an engineer also… chemical. I’ve just started working again after 7 years off to stay home with kids and it’s been nice to know my brain still works! LOL

    Hey Jacque, Thanks for visiting! After seeing your cakes, I have become a fan of your work!! Hey, chemical engineering, you bet, helps in understanding the chemistry while baking;) .
    Its been almost 3 years that I am at home now. I am sure my brain has stopped working completely:). It was wonderful to read your comment!

  8. Indigo said

    Wow, this is such a great idea; I’d heard of tea eggs but never seen a picture, they look amazing! Thanks so much for your entry!
    Thank you for hosting such a creative event Indigo! Happy 18th Birthday!!

  9. kalva said

    Woww… never saw these before.. awesome pics
    Thank you Kalva!

  10. Bhawana said

    Nidhi this is superb, looking very nice, pics are wonderful.
    Thank you for visiting Bhawana! Its good to hear from you!

  11. Leslie said

    Wow..I have never heard of the eggs! They look sooo pretty!
    Thank you sooo much for your visit to my blog. I am glad you enjoy it!
    Your welcome back anytime!!!!
    Thank you Leslie! I think I am going to be a regular at your blog:))

  12. bee said

    thanks for your entry, dear nidhi.
    Thank you Bee!

  13. karuna said

    wowo, marbeled tea eggs, tht is a new one for me. they sure look unique.thnx for sharing it
    Thanks for visiting Karuna!!

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  15. morgana said

    Thank you for your comment in my blog. I love this eggs!!! They look so original…
    Thank you!

  16. shayne said

    I have watched that show before. the eggs are beautiful.

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