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Daanedaar Besan Ke Laddoo ( Sweet Gram Flour Balls)

Posted by vivnidhi on November 22, 2008


Celebrating with Daanedaar Besan Ke Laddoo

It has been 1 year since I published my first post. Yes, Charche Chauke Ke turned one!! Even though it has been difficult at times to find time to blog, it has been a lot of fun.

Ch Ch Ke………what………is a regular question ?? “Yeah, that’s a blog I write, it is about my discussions of the urban Indian kitchen ” I almost always reply with a cheeky smile. It is about my experiments in the kitchen and some random thoughts. Sneaky tidbits as I watch my kids grow. The smile is cheeky cause I know there are far better cooks and writers than me almost everywhere. But here is my journey as I learn to cook better, healthier and more wholesome everyday.  My attempt here is to chronicle what is important and interesting to me. I write about what I know, have seen my seniors do and learn more as I go about. It is very satisfying to know what you think cause it is a very important part of Charche Chauke Ke.

A big thank you to all who have visited this blog in the year past. Finally the resolution: That I will continue blogging as much as I can into the coming year as well. One step at a time:) . So, please pick a laddoo up virtually and join me in marking the first year of this blog.  Pick that glass of water up and clank it with mine….”Cheers” :))

Besan Ke Laddoo can be made in several ways. Here’s my Nani’s (maternal grandmother’s) recipe, only it is using a little lesser amount of ghee (clarified butter).  I like my laddoos simple, no nuts etc. though they can be added if you desire.

The Recipe: (Approximately  40 small laddoos)

  • Gram flour (Besan) 3 cups
  • Ghee (Clarified butter) 3/4 cup
  • Castor Sugar (Bhoora)  1 cup
  • Milk 1/4 cup (Can be whole milk or even skim milk if you want)
  • Cardamom powder (Elaichi) 2 tsp.

Take besan and ghee in a wok and keep the heat to medium high. Keep stirring till the besan starts to brown a little . Next take a Tbsp. of milk in your palm and sprinkle all over the besan which is frying. Keep stirring till the milk is absorbed well by the gram flour. Repeat till all milk is absorbed by the gram flour. This is an important step. Not only does this make small grain like texture in the gram flour but it also makes the laddoo less dry. Besan Ka Laddoo made in less ghee would otherwise taste quite dry.


Gram Flour


Gram Flour after addition of milk


The ghee separates……indication that the besan has fried enough

Keep stirring till the ghee separates as in the photograph above. Turn the heat off and let the besan cool a little. When the besan mixture is warmer and can be handled by bare hands, add sugar to the mixture. Grainy castor sugar is a good alternative to the traditional boora. ‘Boora’ was prepared by heating sugar with water and drying it completely till the normal white sugar would reconstitute itself into grains. Its quite a tardy process and I am glad I had some store bought boora from India;) to add to the laddoo.

Mix the cardamom powder to the mix. Pick out fistfuls of besan mixture and compress it till it feels like one mass. Then compress it further to make  a perfect round. Lastly a technique is used to get a smooth, shiny round which is quite easy to adopt if seen. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures so I will try my best to explain in words. The fist is opened with the compressed besan in the center of the palm. The hand is then shaken continuously and the besan round is allowed to move in the hand. Slowly, the entire round becomes smooth and shiny. Laddoos are ready!


Please try one!!

Aparna (another Daring Baker…….and Daring Bakers also turned two years old on 19th November!!) of My Diverse Kitchen is also celebrating her first blog anniversary with Sweet Celebrations image . Here Aparna……pick a laddoo up……..to us…………:)) .

These laddoos are also on their way to Joelen of Joelen’s Culinary Adventures who is hosting Devon Ave. Indian-Jewish Adventure this month.


13 Responses to “Daanedaar Besan Ke Laddoo ( Sweet Gram Flour Balls)”

  1. Gwendolyn said

    I am bookmarking this one. I love Indian cooking, especially treats like these that are also gluten-free!

    Do try it out and let me know how it turns out. Besan is an integral part of Indian cooking. Let me know if you need to know more recipes with it:).

  2. Would be delighted to have one of these! I love besan ke laddoo, and yours looks so inviting. The step by step tutorial is good too!

    Thanks a lot Harini! Besan Ke Ladoo is such a common treat, isn’t it? Just expressing my way of making it! Glad you liked:)

  3. Oops!! Congratulations on turning one whole year older! Happy Birthday, and may there be many such occasions in the future:)

  4. anudivya said

    One year! Wow, congrats! These look quite festive and sweet!
    Thank You Anuvidya! Seems unbelievable that one year has passed by. Time does fly!

  5. Aparna said

    I love besan laddoos so you know I’ve taken mine. Congratulations on your bloganniversary too.
    Thanks for joining me and now we can celebrate together.:)
    Hearty Congratulations to you too again Aparna:). Love your blog!!

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  7. Sra said

    Congrats on your blog anniversary!
    Thanks a lot Sra!

  8. abhijeet said

    wow ,,, amazing ,,, thanks
    Thanks Abhijeet

  9. Nice post, good job. I have recently started my own blog so its handy to learn from what you have going here. Many Thanks. Helaine Meadow

  10. […] I did not have any coconut on hand I thought of making besan ke ladoo. I saw the recipe from this site. (I know, mine don’t look as great as hers- I think I would up the amount of ghee […]

    I thought your laddoos looked great Shumaila! The trick only is to keep frying, eventually ghee will shine out !

  11. ranjana said

    Congratulation! I stumbled upon your recipe, and found it interesting. I would like to try it with a little variation. Oil instead of ghee (almost half the quantity) and substitute coconut milk for regular milk, to make a gluten and dairy free ladoo for my grand daughter. Any comment?

  12. where does one not familiar with indian food buy these ingrediants and know what they are?

    • Sid said

      Gram flour is the chick pea flour.
      Castor sugar is ground sugar,
      Ghee is clarified butter, you can use non salted butter melted in a pan 🙂
      Cardamom powder is optional but gives a nice taste

      You could also try putting julienne almonds

      Let me know how they turn !

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