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YELLOW Ice Cream Shake

Posted by vivnidhi on June 23, 2008



I have been wanting to post since a long time ( as usual) but I couldn’t. Since I started writing this blog, I have been wondering that why do I blog about food? Instant gratification if somebody praises is Great! And, on the other hand, its a lot of fun to be talking about the stuff that you are passionate about and discussing it with people having similar interests. Why do we read other food blogs? Because we love sharing and reading about food!! I have been stating the obvious so far but what I am getting at is the wonderful community we have created in the process!  We are making so many friends as we go about our own ramblings! Somebody unknown……..but there to listen to us!!

The Jugalbandi team has this month organized a special edition of CLICK in which they are fundraising for Briana Brownlow of Figs with Bri.   There are raffle prizes as well.

Briana was diagnosed with breast cancer two and half years ago. A mastectomy, chemotherapy and two years of relatively good health later, the cancer is back. It has metastasized to other parts of her body. This  fundraiser will help Bri and her family meet her out-of-pocket medical costs for ONE YEAR.  I think  Briana is an extremely brave girl and needs all the support that we can provide. So many more good wishes on your way girl!! Just keep up that spirit!!

What is amazing is that 92% of the $12000 has been collected as I write this post. Only $907 left!  I wondered what would really be the point of my writing all this when so much has been done by bloggers more widely read than me. But the reason I am writing is that even if one more person comes to know   of this through me……….my job is done. Kudos to Briana Brownlow & to the Jugalbandi team!!

Next comes the mango ice cream shake.I can barely make anything with fruit in my house! I am definitely not a better creator than nature!! Fruits are mostly eaten raw here………..and mangoes!!!! I will not be allowed to touch them but to remove the peel! “We don’t own a mango orchard………..don’t cook with them!” (Do you think my husband & son dislike my cooking so much, they don’t let me cook with mangoes?)  Anyway’s, we ended up with a box of mangoes that did not taste very good:(. It is very difficult to please people coming from

the land of Langda, Dashehri & Aphonso (names of Indian mangoes). But , the box in my house really wasn’t good enough to eat raw. So, I substituted tomatoes with mangoes in all my salads! Worked fabulous with the tomato scare around that you should not be eating raw these days! And one day I made the Mango ice cream shake. Now why??? Oh cause I absolutely love Cold stone ice cream shakes!! Just don’t look at their nutrition content!! So, I made mine up with the fabulous mango flavor (something even they don’t have;))

Make a speedy ice cream in a ziploc bag. This is so much fun with kids! My son thought he really made a great ice cream for Dad on Father’s day ! And then Mom blended it and made a shake out of it! Am I glad he is only 2 and a half:).

Here is my quick recipe for Mango Ice cream shake.

The Recipe:

  • Half & Half 2 cups

  • Sugar 1/2 cup
  • Crushed ice 6 cups
  • Salt 1 1/2 cups
  • Mangoes (the small ones) 5 seeds removed and chopped
  • Skim milk 2-4 Tbsp.
  • Rose essence 1-2 drops (no more!!)

So, make the speedy ice cream as given here if you want to make the shake in 30 minutes. Or if you have time, put half & half, sugar and mangoes in the freezer to set. You would not need the salt and ice if using the freezer method.

Once the ice cream has set (don’t let it set too hard). A soft ice cream is good. Remove it and put in a blender with 2 Tbsp. milk and 1 or 2 drops of rose essence,just to give it some underlying fragrance. Blend , and the shake’s ready! You can add a little more milk if need be. I absolutely love it cause its rich and creamy, with a faint rosy undertone and not watery at all, cause I don’t even add ice. Its delicious , do try it, when in the mood to indulge!


YELLOW, My entry to CLICK


I like mine with a spoon……….Mango Ice Cream Shake!

And , don’t mind the yellow pictures scattered throughout the post, its ok !!:)

Oh! I would like to send my ice cream shake to Meeta who writes the beautiful blog What’s for lunch, Honey for Mango Mania. Cheers!!

Update: Just cleared up the photographs cluttering the post. I couldn’t stand them, even though I asked you all too. Thanks for your patience…….:) .

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